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Movement + Meditation + Breathwork + Kundalini Tantra + Relaxation + Sensuality + Lifestyle + Nutrition + Awakenings + Energy

"Through the integration and embodiment of my own spiritual emergence and the healing journey of light and shadow, I create a safe and sacred space for you to be witnessed and guided in all of your raw and real.  I am a mirror to your own healing and inner wisdom. I hold a frequency for you to awaken to your Wild Divine essence and facilitate the re-membering of those deep and ancient parts of you. I inspire you to celebrate the mystery and magic of your creative life force energy."

Living in Sensual Flow is about Living in Rhythm. It's about how we interact with the natural world, ourselves and the people around us in our authenticity, wholeness and truth. It's about honouring our natural life cycles and uniqueness and giving and receiving love effortlessly. This practice is a complete lifestyle blueprint for using all of your life's experiences as vehicles for spiritual growth, personal evolution, and an awakened sense of presence in your day to day life. You will learn how to integrate and embody your personally designed framework with dynamic and practical tools that bring more power, pleasure and purpose into your life. You will be inspired to follow the flow of your ever changing needs and desires and trust your internal guidance system to lead the way.

Tantra is about energy, connection, and getting in touch with your true self. It allows you to connect with your body as a tool for spirituality and to acknowledge the power of your own energy. It is a celebration of life; to be with and feel love in all things and a way to deepen intimacy with ourselves, our partners and the entire Universe. 

I offer private retreats, 1:1 mentorships, and group experiences. I create an eclectic blend of sensory exploration, conscious connection, soulful & energetic practices and a purification of your body, mind and spirit.

You will be guided through an intuitive & experiential journey of conversation, breath practices, movement, meditation, *massage,  deep relaxation, embodied boundaries, cleansing, nutrition and so much more! We tune in, explore with intention and listen to what wants to be revealed by allowing your body and consciousness to speak. Together we will explore the essence of your desires, fears, and the body/mind connection while releasing long held stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 

You will be supported on your continued integration at home while you explore your edges, increase your energy and dive into the depths of your infinite potential.


"The nature of your consciousness is manifesting and unfolding in every cell of your body, every second of your life.


Meet Artemis


Calm Woman

"I knew I needed something after a challenging season of weddings, a throat infection, emotional ups and downs, and the holidays coming.  I came across Artemis and was instantly drawn into her energy and way of speaking.  I told her I need something…some energy work, but something more.  Even healers need healing right?  She replied right away and suggested a combo of massage and energy healing!  I immediately jumped at this and made an appointment.  Our session was pure magic!  We started with a hot drink and conversation then the healing massage!  It was sooooooo good!  My body had so much to process afterwards and I was amazed at how much energy moved so quickly!  I highly recommend spending time with Artemis – it’s so much better than therapy ~A"

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