"The nature of your consciousness is manifesting and unfolding in every cell of your body, every second of your life. RAW & REAL. LIGHT & SHADOW. YOU. ARE. THE MEDICINE." ~ Artemis

I am an embodiment focused Guide, Yoga Therapist, Kundalini Tantra Yogini, and Conscious Lifestyle Design Coach with a special interest in Spiritual Awakenings and living a life of Sensual Flow. Through the integration and embodiment of my own spiritual emergence and the healing journey of light and shadow, I offer a safe and sacred space for you to be witnessed and align with your most authentic self. I guide you to explore your edges, expand your awareness and dive into the depths of your infinite potential! 

Living in Sensual Flow is a complete lifestyle framework for using all of your life's experiences as vehicles for spiritual growth, personal evolution, and joyful presence in the day to day. It is a celebration of life; to be with and feel love in all things and a way to deepen intimacy with ourselves, our partners and the entire Universe.

If you’re going to do something, whether it be eating or making love, make it explosive and celebrate the mystery and magic of your sensuous, sexual, life force energy! I draw inspiration for our sessions from the wisdom & cycles of nature, holistic lifestyle practices, and the blissfulness of being in your natural, sensual flow.

Conversation + Movement + Meditation + Breathwork + Energy + Tantra + Relaxation + Sensuality + Touch +  Lifestyle + Plant Medicine




"I keep coming back to how intuitive your sessions are and when that's paired with your knowledge and experience, it really makes trusting you and walking this path one of immense ease"