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Awaken your Ecstatic Nature and Live a Life of Sensual Flow 

✺ Kundalini Tantra ✺ Esoteric Anatomy ✺ Holistic Healing ✺ Temple Nights ✺ Initiations

✺ Sound Healing ✺ Massage ✺ Inner Alchemy ✺ Plant Medicine ✺ Dream Symbology 





🌿At Wild Divine Sanctuary we honour the cyclical nature of existence and the ever-changing seasons of life. Each retreat is consciously crafted to align with the energy of the current season, offering curated experiences and practices that resonate with your unique journey, desires and constitution. Whether you're seeking the vibrant energy of spring renewal, the abundant expansion of summer, the introspective wisdom of autumn, or the restorative stillness of winter, our retreats provide a roadmap for navigating the cycles of transformation with grace, presence and intention.


All-Inclusive Sanctuary Experience:

Your intimate retreat experience is fully inclusive, providing you with luxurious accommodations, dedicated support, nourishing meals crafted from seasonal, organic ingredients, and access to a variety of holistic experiences. From sound healing, massage and immersive nature excursions to intuitive coaching sessions, cleansing and ceremonial rituals, every aspect of your stay is designed to fully support your journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.


Light Side, Dark Side, and the Shadows that Flow Between, YOU ARE the Medicine.



✺ Sexuality ✺ Sensual Flow ✺ Ecstatic Nature  ✺ Spiritual Awakenings ✺ Spiritual Emergencies ✺ Spiritual Psychosis ✺ Addictions

✺ Nutrition ✺ Exploring Core Wounds ✺ Anxiety & Depression ✺ Bi-Polar ✺ ADHD ✺ Hormonal Balance ✺ Mental Emotional Health ✺ Business Niche Coaching

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