Private retreats, 1on1 mentorships and embodied experiences are an eclectic blend of sensory exploration, conscious connection, shamanic, sensual & energetic practices and a deep purification of your body, mind and spirit. These sessions, overnight retreats and journeys are designed for us to do this work together. We tune in, explore with intention and listen to what wants to be revealed by allowing your body and consciousness to speak.

Living in Sensual Flow experiences are rooted in the wisdom and cycles of nature, the teachings of Tantra Yoga and the healing power of intention, presence and self-love. Journeys for couples and women are personalized for your own unique desires and intentions and will be curated based on a combination of the following themes plus more. Please note that all Journeys will be a magical co-creation based on an in depth conversation prior to your booking.  

TANTRA is a path of meditation, yoga, nature and lifestyle. What sets it apart from other paths is that it embraces our human experience and looks to the wisdom of the sensory body and symbiotic relationship to the natural world as a way to become more present and deeply connected. A Tantric life is one where we recognize that every act we engage in is an act of lovemaking. Reveling in the magic of our light side AND our shadow sides. A dance of the divine masculine & the divine feminine. Yin and Yang, sun and moon, energy in motion and consciousness itself.


1:1 mentorships from 1 -12 months

This is a total lifestyle framework that nurtures your entirety and inspires you to increase your vibration. These containers will allow you to explore all aspects of your life with the practical tools, support and accountability to succeed in your transformation. Becoming empowered begins in your own nervous system. The ability to consciously self regulate your own biology and consciously affect your own feelings, emotions, health, conversations, and the way you connect, is foundational to how you create peace in your self, that ripples out into the world. 


Navigating the light and shadow of "waking up" can be one of the most beautiful & challenging life experiences you will ever have. I will guide you into the integration and embodiment of your journey as you ground & expand into your highest self, while supporting the ebbs and flows of your evolution. 



For female bodies

Surrender into the healing power of pleasure and expansion as you reconnect to your wild, divine and sacred feminine essence. This is a beautiful and experiential practice for the DIVINE FEMININE wisdom to receive and surrender into the ecstatic Blissfulness of Being. A merging of your own divine energies for a shared and sacred journey. To fully savour and experience this worship practice, cleansing of the body, mind and heart will cultivate a strong connection and safe “container” before diving into the exquisite experience of your healing journey and sacred Yoni massage. *This offering allows you to experience yourself as both a healer and gatekeeper to your liberation. Tantric massage, movement and expression can support the healing of Psycho-emotional trauma, revitalization and balancing of energy, breaking through blocks, increased sensitivity, inner passion & pleasure, and inspire your spiritual emergence.


Private Retreat & Integration Coaching

The journey of my awakening has been Wild, Sacred and utterly Divine. One that has benefited greatly from working with Plant Spirit Medicine as well as the process of integration, nutrition, and lifestyle design. 
These are deeply healing and transformative, co-creative experiences that are held in sacred space with guided integration and ongoing lifestyle support to inspire your embodiment journey. 

“Magic mushrooms have been used for more than 10,000 years in various spiritual and medical rituals for their ability to alter consciousness and trigger mystical experiences…a growing group of researchers is excited about the potential benefits of psilocybin, the primary hallucinogenic compound in ’shrooms, which is showing a lot of promise for helping people overcome hard-to-treat (or treatment-resistant) and life-disrupting conditions like addiction and major depression.”


This Cannabis infused, Yoga Nidra experience will guide you along a deeply relaxing inward journey of your subtle, sensory body with passionate intention. Allow yourself to expand into a space of energetic awareness and deep yogic sleep that will leave you refreshed, receptive and open to love.  


(a couple's favourite)

Surrender into the blissfulness of being by exploring sacred practices that inspire presence, sensuality, self love and intimate connection. Through a blend of movement, touch, meditation, breath, conscious communication, soul gazing, energy exchange and an expanded sense of awareness, you can revel in the healing power of pleasure & your creative life force energy!


Kundalini Yoga is designed to expand yourself with complete awareness and to prepare the body, nervous system, and mind to experience the subtleties of energy within and around you. Through breath work (pranayama), cleansing movements (Kriyas) sound currents (mantra) and the application of yogic locks of energy (bandhas), the release, direction, and control of your creative and sensual life force energy that can be harnessed to achieve new levels of awareness, connection and manifestation. Powerful stuff!


Indulge yourself in this juicy, self love practice, to cleanse, uplift and bring into balance your divine masculine and feminine energies. Kundalini Tantra yoga will serve to awaken all of your chakras and allow the mystery and magic of your sensual life force energy to flow! 


Free flowing conversations about whatever's on your mind. RAW & REAL. Consider these sessions like a mixture of uncensored talk therapy, mixed with self study and mindful lifestyle practices that are woven together for expanded perspective. This is a space of freedom and non-judgement that allows your true self to be all of its light and all of its shadow. 


Yoga Nidra—known as yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It’s a favourite among guests for a restorative and blissful experience! 


A beautiful array of classical and modern meditation styles and techniques to bring about a sense of calm, connection, and joy.


Enjoy a barefoot, walking or basking meditation with the presence of your breath as you align yourself with the healing rhythms of nature. 


Conscious cuddling and free flowing conversation or quiet. These heart-centred, consent-based, platonic healing sessions can be extremely therapeutic in our touch-starved culture. It will boost your immune system, soothe your nervous system and promote feelings of contentment by reducing anxiety and depression.  


Juices will vary depending on the season and your own unique nature! Morning and/or evening juices, teas or elixirs for super health, beauty and purification.

"The nature of your consciousness is manifesting and unfolding in every cell of your body, every second of your life. RAW & REAL. LIGHT & SHADOW. YOU. ARE. THE MEDICINE." ~ Artemis