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Updated: Mar 24

Ohhhhh the ebbs and flows.

LIGHT SIDE, DARK SIDE and the shadows that flow between. So here Iam. Raw & real. Totally exposed. But clearly still hiding my shadowy side from the other side of the social media spectrum. All in good time. An outlet for my uncontained, new found expression.

The last 11years in a clamshell have been working to get polished…and it’s hard work to keep things shiny. But with the raging waters at work, a pearl is born.

In this AWAKENING, EMERGENCE & sometimes EMERGENCY, I am fearful and fearless. Embracing my Light Side & Dark Side. So allllllll of me can show up in the world and radiate the GLOW of the whole! The dance of the divine. Masculine & Feminine, night and day, happy and sad. All of it! UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! Perhaps that gives you “permission” – not that you need mine or anyone else’s BUTTT it can wake you up and shake you up to OWN YOUR EVERYTHING with ferocity and grace! So while the last 11 years have been my supposed truth, a new light has been cast and the mystery of the the BLISSSSSS I now know, has got me dancing up and down some exciting new paths of fanciful and sensual delights that are gettin’ me charged for some deep lovin’ free flow. But don’t be fooled. The WORK IS HARRRRD, and DEEEEP and EMOTIONAL. And my ass gets KICKED & KISSED by the universe every single day. The taste of TRUE FREEDOM has been exploding my taste buds with flavours I didn’t even know existed! As I move along the LIT path, the rest dissolves….the stories, beliefs, boxes and constructs. A rebirth. A shedding of skin. And what’s left is just ME. I AM, I AM. I am eternally grateful. And I’m still human. I can’t wait to share alll of me with alllll of you as the slow and low tempo of reemergence continues.

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