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I am an Integration & Embodiment focused Mentor & Guide, Kundalini Tantrika and Lifestyle Design Coach with a special interest in Spiritual Awakenings, Shamanic Tantra, and Living a Life of Sensual Flow.  My insightful, energetic and down to earth approaches are rooted in the wisdom and cycles of nature, Eastern & Western practices, and consciously crafted experiences to nurture your most authentic self. 

Through the integration and embodiment of my own spiritual emergence and the healing journey of light and shadow, I hold a safe and sacred space for you to be witnessed in all of your raw and real.

 I am a mirror to your own healing and inner wisdom. I facilitate the remembering of those deep and ancient parts of you. I inspire you to unleash your Wild, Divine & Sacred sensual essence and to celebrate the mystery and magic of your creative life force energy.

I offer one on one sessions, mentorships and private experiences for women and couples. You will be guided through an experiential and co-creative healing journey of conscious conversation, breath work, movement, meditation, *sacred intimacy, *massage, deep relaxation, and a unique set of lifestyle practices to explore your edges, increase you energy & vitality and dive into the depths of your infinite potential.

*through my lived experiences with a non-neurotypical brain, I am well versed in anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, sexual exploration, and other related challenges that have now become my medicine. When we begin to undo all the layers that have been masking our pure, crystalline essence, our truth, our power and our purpose are revealed! Bountiful , blissful, beautiful YOU!


This is a mantra of self-esteem, self-love, and prosperity. If you are struggling with the hidden hurt of shame, self-loathing, or unkindness to yourself, sing this mantra to yourself. Sing it loud and proud. From this place of oneness and magic, you know your true Self, which is perfect, whole, and complete. The true you has no business with low self-esteem. The real you is powerful beyond compare. This mantra helps you touch that place of confidence and strength.


It’s been 3 years now that I broke completely open and felt the divine move through me in a way that I could’ve never imagined possible. The whispers of spirit, the ancient wisdom and the playfulness of nature filled my soul with such explosive bliss & sexual energy that I was clear on LOVE being the only way to be. A spiralling into untethered boundlessness. I was given wings of flight to soar into my own effervescent light and then fell deep into the shadows of what it feels to be human. Memory, traumas, stories, confines, constructs, guilt, shame, and the like. An unravelling. A spiritual awakening, emergency, emergence. A healing journey like no other. Pleasure and pain in breaking free from the chains that bind. 

More recently I experienced a Kundalini awakening. A symphony of blissful crescendos were being played through my divine and human instrument. A relentless, ecstatic, and penetrative force was moving through my entire, glorious being. A deep and pure awareness of Shakti. I was in complete and total AWE. Fully surrendered. 
After the height of the journey, I melted into the protective arms of my lover. Held and grounded. Beaming with light. Feeling the beautiful, bountiful and blissful sensual flow of the universe coursing though me. Loved and loving. 

Months later, I am now attuned to a more subtle, vibrational resonance. I have access to infinite energetic pleasure within myself and energy that can be shared with another (something I continue to practice and harness). I sometimes find myself in states of pure, meditative neutrality. Pure peace. The pulsing of life force energy. Being in my beingness. I would have never believed that this exists. But it DOES. And it is also YOURS. Within YOU! It is in all of us.

As I continue to unravel, integrate and embody all that I was gifted, I am grateful for this life's journey. I am grateful for those who are called to share their hearts with me as I walk alongside them through their own awakening and evolution. 
I am here for THIS. To love and be loved. Effortlessly. Unconditionally. Eternally.
So Hum. I AM. I AM.


Love, Artemis xo

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