Artemis Vandevi is an established Yoga Therapist, Kundalini Tantra Yogini, and Conscious Lifestyle Design Coach with a special interest in Sensual + Spiritual Awakenings and the colourful spectrum of living in rhythm. She has taught and studied around the world, and shares her passion for adventure with her little girl near the woods.

Through her own spiritual awakening and a deep dive into the healing work of light and shadow, Artemis coaches from wellspring of experience, integration and embodiment.

She offers insightful and down to earth approaches that are rooted in the wisdom and cycles of nature, Eastern & Western practices, and how to live in alignment with the sensual flow of life. 

Through conscious conversation, breath work, movement, meditation, deep relaxation, intimate connection, and a unique set of lifestyle practices, Artemis will guide and inspire you to surf the waves of your Wild Awakening journey. 


She is currently creating an interactive interview/discussion series that explores the Wild and Divine of Awakening.