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NEXT UP ~ Tuesday, November, 7th 7~9pm


Cannablissed experiences will take you on a journey into the subtle layers of your being through intention, breathwork, soundscapes and visualization. As you delve into your body, explore your inner landscapes and awaken to the presence of your deeper truth and wisdom, you will initiate the healing power of this revered plant teacher. 

This is a deeply restorative experience that will ground you into your body and open up the inner space for your natural energy to flow. You will experience the subtle nuances of Cannabis as it brings about healing, vitality and peace. When we work with this intention, we are consciously exploring self love and cultivating a path towards wholeness.

All of you is welcome here. 

You will receive a short welcome video on how to prepare for your conscious cannabis experience once you register for the event. Can't wait to journey with you! 

Love Artemis xo

✺ Sexuality ✺ Sensual Flow ✺ Ecstatic Nature  ✺ Spiritual Awakenings ✺ Spiritual Emergencies ✺ Spiritual Psychosis ✺ Addictions

✺ Nutrition ✺ Exploring Core Wounds ✺ Anxiety & Depression ✺ Bi-Polar ✺ ADHD ✺ Hormonal Balance ✺ Mental Emotional Health ✺ Business Niche Coaching


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