WILD DIVINE AWAKENINGS is a CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY of SPIRITUAL HUMAN BEINGS exploring and sharing in the bliss of light and shadow. The divine dance of the masculine and feminine and the aliveness of the passion and presence flowing through us. This is a dynamic space to receive support, guidance and insight as we step into our PURPOSE with an EMPOWERED SENSE of our TRUEST SELVES. 


Through conscious conversations, we’ll explore the RAW & REAL, LIGHT & DARK, and the ultimate vibration of LOVE. This is an opportunity for you to share what happened for you, what it was like, and what it’s like now.  My current intention is to explore the intricacies and nuances of the awakening process and how to integrate and embody your new reality. We will look at some ways to stay grounded AND expanded as you ebb and flow along your journey. I’m looking forward to sharing in the mystery and magic of your powerful & creative, lifeforce energy!  


Conversation + Movement + Meditation + Breathwork + Energy + Tantra + Relaxation + Sensuality +  Lifestyle + Plant Medicine

"The nature of your consciousness is manifesting and unfolding in every cell of your body, every second of your life.