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Kundalini Yoga for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing
4 Week Series $144

Begins ONLINE Wednesdays, starting November 22nd - December 13th from 730pm-930pm (EST)

Have you been feeling the stormy waves of intensity and pressures of daily life swirling around inside of your body, mind and soul like I have? You are not alone! It's not only happening in our own personal experiences, but on a global scale that is deeply painful to witness and hold within our field. There IS a way through the heaviness that is sitting in our hearts and that is to heal ourselves. When we are able to alchemize our own pain into power, we uplift humanity through the ripple effect of love and begin to rewrite the story.

Join us for a transformative online journey of self-healing, rejuvenation and awakening! This 4-week series is designed to help you find inner peace as you navigate the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress through the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Each session will guide you through a unique blend of breathwork, somatic movement, meditation, mantra and conscious conversations. I will lead you in unlocking your inner potential and releasing challenging emotions, patterns and the stories that have been keeping you stuck.

This is an opportunity for you to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being with this powerful self-love series. Reserve your spot today!



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