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Kundalini is our creative life force energy and the vitality of our aliveness and sparkle! Like a coiled up snake in waiting and then charmed awake from its slumber, it’s seeks the light.

This energy flows up and down through the central channel (shushumna nadi located in the spinal cord) and through the Chakras from the roots of the tail bone to a cascading fountain from the crown. This pulsating force moves naturally through these 7 major centres that can often become “stuck” or ”blocked” by the patterns that make up our habits. Depending on the “charge” or reactions and responses to our triggers, situations or environment, we create a pattern of repetitive behaviours that inform our outcomes and experiences. We can learn to practice new ways of doing our things and transcend the lower parts of our selves into our highest and best self!

Each one of our chakras also holds the treasures to our awareness, healing and expansion. The practice of breath, sound and movement medicine can awaken a heart centred vibration of passion and love while allowing your natural energy centres to flow.

When Kundalini Yoga is combined with the deep and classical teachings of Tantra, it can feel like a sensual journey through the rhythms and the cycles of nature within our body, mind, and spirit. In the natural ebb and flow, an intimate dance of the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine emerges. Yin and Yang. Giving and receiving. An inner and outer experience where energies meet and mingle in a passionate merging of the divine spirit and human connection.

Sexuality is a very small aspect of traditional Tantra and energetically connected to our sacral “SEXUAL” Chakra. This aspect seems to be the most intriguing and “taboo” and one that entices the pleasure palette of the West! As a global entity, the shame, repression, suppression and violent behaviours around sexuality need to be released in order to heal and embrace ALL OF OURSELVES. By practicing with intention and awareness of the subtle and sensory body, you can reach blissful, divine and ORGASMIC states of being. Self and partnered practices are about cultivating intimacy, pleasure and healing that can expand us into higher and more deeply connected realms. Here we can experience freedom, moksha, or NIRVANA as we release the stories of our past and step fully into our empowered and highest selves.

Kundalini Tantra is a beautiful and simplistic way of life that embraces our human experience as vehicle to spiritual growth and freedom. It’s finding and creating joy in the everyday and attuning to the frequency of love. By aligning ourselves with the wisdom of the natural world, not only will we find harmony & balance within ourselves and our lives, but in the elevation of the collective conscious for the greater good of humanity and our Lover Mother Earth.

RAW N REAL. Nature and Nurture. Working through your shadows to bask in your light. Loving ALLLL OF YOURSELF FULLY! LIGHT SIDE, DARKSIDE

Xo Artemis

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