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A Mantra is a Sanskrit word for “sound tool”. Along with only a few other ancient languages, Sanskrit evolved as a complex system of onomatopoeia — where the sounds evoke movements of energy and the sounds themselves, while resonating in different parts of the body and mind, creating actual interactions or events. Words like screeeeech, craaaaash and purrrrr. Infact cats can heal themselves by purring in a variety of frequencies for their particular malaise. Many animals (just like us humans — and yes that includes our kiddos) can be highly sensitive and affected greatly by the influx of sensory stimuli all around us. Even those wi-fi waves can mess with our natural, relaxed states. They are invisible and subtle but very, very powerful! Laying a foundation for the conscious construct of good vibes, is where all the magic in relationships and family dynamics begin. Mantras are information, and in the Sanskrit language, it’s like an information sequencing system that mimics the process of nature’s repeating patterns. As the Sanskrit scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks has said, “Sanskrit tells us what Nature shows us. The way Nature goes about doing its thing, Sanskrit goes about its language.” Much like the way that music “moves” us, and can bring us into different “feeling” and “being” states, Mantra uses sound to evoke movement of physical and emotional energy, stimulating the nervous system which then informs our experiences. What does all of this mean? It means that Mantras can positively or negatively “charge” and affect our feelings, emotions, and thoughts patterns, as well as the people and environments that surround us. There are Mantras for anger, stress, grief, fighting, love, healing, addiction, insomnia, anxiety, asthma, joy, and the list goes on and on. By repeating UPLIFTING & HEALING sound currents or “Mantras”, over and over again, you’re intentionally attuning your mood and the energy in your environment. It’s like tuning an instrument to refine and manipulate its sound. We can REDIRECT our energy beyond all of the anger and frustration (this is an act of self-love). We know that our children absorb and pick up on the subtleties and nuances of our tones and expressions. Even if it’s subconscious, it is moving through the nervous system and giving off a “vibe”…the good, the bad and the ugly. We can feel wildly emotional when triggered and it feels good to release the ROAR! In fact it feels so good and so necessary in the moment that we can hardly feel it flowing out the floodgates! In the aftermath of heavy energy and hurt feelings, the guilt ensues. That is unless we chime a new Mantra that is intentional and fueled by love. In between the frustration and the ROAR is a beautiful, neutral, silent space. If we can tap into that very small windowed space in time, we can change our reactive, ha-BITCH-ual rants, into Mantras that actually serve to transform the current feel and mood and allow us to better RESPOND, not REACT. This will reverberate a ripple effect of positive vibes through the home and the hearts & souls of your loves. A good place to start is by first recognizing your OWN Mantras. Ask your kids and they’ll tell you straight up. Just don’t take it personally because it’s not! You can get the kids to talk about theirs too. Once you catch on to your daily drone, you will have cultivated an awareness to continuously recognize it and switch on the GOOD VIBES. You will notice your kids really digging your new energy and try to match it. This is a fun way to watch an energy exchange in action. Mimic exactly the vibe you want back from them and see what you get. If you like the power packed punch of “swear” words, try shouting SAT NAM instead! This means “true self” and it’s pronounced like, “but mom” (go figure) and will have you tapping into deeper states of joy, love, and gratitude in no time. You can also use any word that FEELS uplifting and happy or come up with secret CODE words to establish personal boundaries, and other family expectations. You can also use mantra or music in the background for hours on repeat. Infuse your home with classical music, nature sounds, or other good-vibing beats, that uplift your soul and give calm to your space. FEEL out the new vibrations, give it some time and then see what you notice. The ripple effect is real. When WE do the work to EMPOWER ourselves, we EMPOWER our children. What we put out is what we’ll attract. Got that Mantra ready? Now get out there and start flexing your victorious vibes! Sat Nam xo Visit Artemis on Instagram for an exploration into the RAW & REAL. LIGHT SIDE, DARK SIDE IG — wildsacreddivine

Artemis Vandevi Artemis is an established Yoga Therapist, and Kundalini Tantra Yogini with over 11 years of experience journeying through self discovery, healing and teaching.

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