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What kinds of things SLOW. YOU. DOWN? For me having lived with anxiety most of my life mixed with high speed energy and movement, getting roots down for any length of time is HARD WORK! Sometimes I feel as if I’m living a perpetual time lapse video. Over the last year I have realized how truly important it is to BE IN MY body. But what does that even mean? For me it means comfort, sensation, pleasure, grounding, flowing, and expanding. But most of all, it means being PRESENT. Present to the present. Following the flow of sensation through my body keeps me totally TUNED IN to the HERE & NOW. MINDFUL. INTENTIONAL. AWARE. That’s why sex and drugs and rock and roll, swimming, dancing, yoga, eating, Netflix, and escape ALL FEEL SOOOO GOOD! Because we are tapped right into SENSATION and it HOOKS us. Pleasure and Presence. Untethered and boundless indulgence can also be very addictive RIGHT?! We are mind/body hard wired for both deep and superficial pleasures. As sensory beings with a sensory body, we FEEEEEL everything. The resonance of our life’s experiences is written on the body. Our patterns, behaviours, tastes and quirks shine light on our uniqueness. Dropping into the sensations of the body and subtle energy shifts can shift you to a space for true PRESENCE and self discovery. One devoid of the habits that keep up We get very busy trying to understand other peoples “uniqueness” when we’ve not quite mastered the TRUE understanding of our own. SO enjoy the time for some fierce self love and take a SENSATIONAL ADVENTURE into your Body, Mind & Spirit and get to know what you LIKE and what you DON’T LIKE. What FEEEELS good and what DOES NOT. What EXCITES you and what SCARES YOU…STAY CURIOUS! You are so full of mystery and delight! Get to know & love your dark and your light because it’s ALLLLL OF YOU the world is waiting to celebrate!


Artemis Vandevi Artemis is an established Yoga Therapist, and Kundalini Tantra Yogini with over 15 years of experience journeying through self discovery, healing and teaching.

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