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Wild Divine: Sensual Adventures Through Cannabis and Connection By Reverend Kelly Addison

Updated: Mar 28

Where yoga and pleasure merge with cannabis.

It is twilight and the sun is setting behind what appears to be a standard suburban home. In actuality, it's nothing of the sort. It's the headquarters of Wild Divine, a retreat center for couples (and singles) to inspire "a life of creative and sensual flow," which can be enhanced (or not) with cannabis and/or psychedelics.

This "Love Oasis" is nestled into a little bluff that feels more like part of an enchanted land than the city of Cobourg. The owner and guide at Wild Divine is the otherworldly Artemis, and the moment she opens the door, her warm, spiritual energy surges through the property. In addition to being a comforting and friendly presence, Artemis is a metaphysical healer skilled in many practices, including yoga, yoga-nidra, Tantra, and plant medicines.

For visitors, Wild Divine offers an enlightening, one-of-a-kind experience. It's about intimacy, but also creativity and connection. And Artemis is the ideal guide. “I’m passionate about creating unique and meaningful experiences," she says. "I hold a safe and sacred space for partners to journey through an exploration and celebration of their most raw and real intimate connections.”

The experience is curated for each individual or couple, and various options are available. Cannabis can be used, as well as psychedelics (for the adventurous-minded). Artemis explains to visitors how each substance can be specifically used to enhance their experience. And she offers scientific information about how chemical stimulants can add to the pleasure.

“Conscious cannabis consumption can create more pleasure in the body, expansion of the mind, and a deeper connection to the spirit," she says. "These expanded states of consciousness can allow you to release, relax and heal into your best and highest self.”

The experience lasts around three hours and can be as “warm” or “hot and steamy” as the client desires. Asking “what does the plant want me to experience” or reflecting on how cannabis can make physical contact more sensual, the guided tantra experience is explained by its host while seductive Bollywood movie scenes play in the background and the smell of sage and other herbs waft through the air.

Some choose to end their experience with Yoga Nidra, a spiritual practice that combines guided mediation and deep relaxation. It can be used as a calm down after Tantra -- the climax of the session -- as couples relax in front of a warm fire.

Whether you’re new to dating, looking to spice up your relationship, or trying to get over a personal hardship, Wild Divine may the key to previously undiscovered intimacy and enlightenment.

About the Writer

Reverend Kelly Addison is the owner of the Kelly’s Green Lounge, a cannabis-friendly establishment in Orono, Ontario, where everyone from the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseur unites in education and celebration of the plant. Kelly is also an ordained minister dedicated to cannabis.

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